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Rahim Kanani Interviews Joel Rosenthal

Interview in World Affairs Commentary by RAHIM KANANI.

RAHIM KANANI: As you observe U.S. foreign policy in the context of the recent and continued uprisings across the Middle East and North Africa, his ethical argument how would you assess the Obama Administration’s current posture towards the crises?

JOEL ROSENTHAL:  For an administration that came to power promising a new posture of “engagement,” the recent crises offer an opportunity that President Obama could have barely imagined when he went to Cairo in 2009.

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“The Current” Interviews Joel Rosenthal

Transcript of an interview with The Current, Columbia University’s undergraduate journal of contemporary politics, culture, and Jewish affairs.

THE CURRENT: What does it mean for the Carnegie Council to be “the voice for ethics in international policy”?

JOEL ROSENTHAL: This organization is unique in trying to link the concept of ethics to public policy at the international level. We’re traditional in our approach. We start with Socrates and the question of how should one live, the “ought” question—what is the ideal?

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Pillars of Ethics

Carnegie Council president Joel Rosenthal discusses three pillars of ethics—pluralism, rights and responsibilities, and fairness—with Council staff members Madeleine Lynn and William Vocke.

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